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Who are we ?

Universal Marketing

There are brand consulting firms that do great strategy and advertising agencies that do great creative. We’re one of the extremely few that do both. And we’re one of even fewer that specialise in Small to Medium Business. We can create, evolve or reposition your brand and then execute all of the internal and external communications that follow suit. Big ideas that drive brand value, well executed. Our mission is to find marketing greatness and promote it fearlessly. Our vision is to create the world’s most successful marketing services for your business. It’s all about creating the “WOW” factor.
Brilliant thinkers.
Smart business people.
Market specialists.
Creative ideas.

We have them all. And we share a positive energy that pushes each of us to become better every day. That’s how we approach your business.

Our unique model results in greater Return on Investment for our clients and a seamless, streamlined approach to achieving their most important business objectives.
Our services are designed to drive all aspects of brand performance ; growth, valuation, brand equity, marketing. Our step by step methodology determines where your company stands, where it wants to go and, most importantly, how it will get there. The process may involve brand strategy, marketing management consulting or brand communications , or the potent combination of all three.
We pride ourselves on achieving results for our clients. That could mean increased valuation, greater market share, a successful re-brand, or reaching lead-generation goals for a specific campaign. Defining success for every project is part of our planning process, achieving it is part of our culture.

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