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Our media relations work goes beyond merely sending out a press release and hoping for the best. When we contact media representatives on behalf on our clients, we start with strategy.

We look at all possible avenues for the client's story, we look at what the media's covering right now and determine how that might intertwine with the client's story, and then deliver a targeted pitch on the client's behalf.

We then engage in respectfully persistent follow-up, delivering results and ongoing assessments of how the campaign is helping to further the client's message and reputation.

Online Media &

Digital Strategies.

Including online media research and outreach targeting social media outlets, using strategies and tools specifically geared towards bloggers. However, our digital strategies go beyond reaching out to bloggers, we can report on a company's website and online media presence, and offer recommendations and execute strategies geared toward increasing the company's online presence.

Copy Writing

& Editing.

We strive to help our clients say what they precisely want to say. To do this, we tailor our writing and editing services to the individual client. We can work with a few overarching concepts and create messaging that is mindful of the client's voice as well as purpose, or we can take a client's carefully crafted words and fine tune them for maximum effectiveness. The writing projects we've taken on for clients have been published in a number of major metropolitan daily newspapers and weekly business publications, have been delivered in speeches, and have bolstered a number of companies' internal communications efforts.

Crisis Communication.

Some companies don't think about public relations until something goes horribly wrong, necessitating a plan for how to best present their side of the story to the media and the public. We can formulate crisis communications plans before they happen, starting with an inventory of how your company presents itself to the public, and developing messages in response to potential situations in which your company might have to weather tragedy, increased public scrutiny, or other unfortunate situations requiring a careful and judicious response.

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NSW Premier's Visit to North Kellyville Square

UM provides a
complete full featured public relations experience.
From copy to photography, your company is assured of complete media coverage.

Media Planning & Buying.

We are highly skilled negotiators with enormous buying power in all forms of media from print to online, outdoor and broadcast. Focused on achieving the best rates for our clients, we maintain close working relationships with every important media organisation across Australia. Your marketing will be planned and executed with effective media placement to meet your business challenges, and our absolute aim is to achieve your return on investment goals.

Newspaper articles. Press releases.
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