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Social Media

Satisfy the crowd!

Not just likes. Actual results!

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Build Brand


Increase Customer



Establish & Maintain

Brand Value


Increase Social

Engagement & Followers

Connecting customers

to your brand.

Today you must have a presence in this expanding online media network to ensure your business is marketing directly to your customers.

At Universal Marketing, we focus on creating engaging content for our followers through forming meaningful relationships with the Retailers and provide marketing services that are personalised to their businesses through regular visits, photography, artwork & content creation.

Relationship + Engagement = Growth

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We visit Retailers!

At UM, we believe that good content comes from building meaningful relationship with the business owners & staff. We pride ourselves on building this trust through regular visits and content creation that connects with the community.

We’re not afraid to get behind the counters and interact with Retailers
to get the best possible content to
help grow their business.

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Design Team.

Our team of talented designers can create
compelling social ads for Retailers correctly sized for each platform at no extra cost.

Working with any specific logos and images supplied, we create posts to convey Retailer messaging, specials and events at a quick turnaround.


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Some of our Reels

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